Sinocan 4K/2K UHD display capacitive screen brings colorful advertising world, with high-brightness display, and multi-screen control system, comprehensive display of flight, route map and other information, as well as advertising.

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Change "static" to "dynamic" real-time transmission, allowing publishers to update easily, information release changes in a timely manner, and the content is more colorful. Especially in the event of major emergencies, it can be effectively transmitted to pedestrians at the first time, which is convenient, efficient, fast and practical.

Sinocan capacitive screen adopts a fanless design

Sinocan capacitive screen, with unique antibacterial and anti-glare design, can effectively resist various bacteria while enhancing light transmission, in crowded areas such as airports and public transportation.

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Public transport smart display

Arrival forecast, arrival reminder and other various service information. Set up an outdoor intelligent electronic bus stop sign advertising machine system, passengers can know in advance the running location of the bus they need to take, how many stops they need to take, and how far they are to reach the station. The electronic stop sign can also publish public services and weather information, etc.